Ready to get started? So are we!

We, at VDEL, believe in fostering an environment that enables our associates to grow and achieve their ideal career goals. Our shared vision attracts and unifies an extraordinary group of people across countries, throughout the company. Therefore we are constantly looking for talented and motivated new employees who can contribute to our company's success.

5 reasons to work for us:

  • Credibility

    Over 20 years of successful history and a variety of world-recognized products and respected customers make us well-recognized all over CEE, CIS and Russia.

  • Commitment

    Persistently devoted to OS products we provide some of the world's best-known products embedded in our solutions in over 32 countries, offering a huge range of career opportunities in a diverse set of businesses.

  • Community

    Our roots run deeply in local communities and extend their spirit to each of our workplaces.

  • People

    Equally committed to our people as we are to our customers, we encourage them to develop new skills, take up new roles and challenges. Our experience combined with training and mentoring makes achieving career and personal goals easy and enjoyable for our employees.

  • Future

     We eagerly look forward to the future. By welcoming new ideas and initiatives from our community we never cease to set new limits and create our own future.

If you are interested in career opportunities at VDEL please send us your resume and we will inform you about new job openings that match your profile.