Access content wherever and however you work with open, flexible, highly scalable Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco Content Services offers full-featured ECM for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance, and 24x7 support for business-critical content and compliance. Open technology and a wide range of integrations and add-on modules make it easy to customize and extend.

Alfresco’s extensive process services, make it easy to create, publish and use process models and apps. By adding context to your content, you can make better decisions and improve productivity.

Alfresco Content Services is built on an open source core with support for open standards, open APIs and a variety of deployment options, including cloud, on-premises and hybrid-cloud configurations. This powerful ECM software platform is easy to integrate, extend and customize to meet your specific requirements.

  • Out-of-the-box support for leading productivity applications, including Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Outlook and
  • A wide range of pre-built integrations and solutions from the vibrant Alfresco partner community, including SAP, AutoCAD and others
  • Open APIs and unmatched support for open standards including CMIS, CIFS and WebDAV
Alfresco Content Services has a cloud-native architecture. This open, modular approach delivers performance and scalability wherever you chose to deploy: on-premises or in the cloud. Optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Alfresco offers agility and low total cost of ownership.
  • Flexible deployment options, including Docker and Kubernetes for fast and standardized deployments across all environments
  • AWS optimized - support for Amazon Elastic Container Service and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to ensure unprecedented scale
  • Modular, micro-service support provides a scalable architecture

Alfresco Content Services provides quick and secure access to content from anywhere, including beyond the firewall. Users can easily discover, share and collaborate on everything from simple documents and case files, to large engineering drawings and rich media files. Access is available from web browsers, mobile apps and users can also take files offline with Desktop Sync. Powerful search, workflows, and rich metadata ensure that the right information is always at hand.

The Alfresco Digital Workspace accelerates user adoption with an intuitive out-of-the-box experience that can be quickly and easily extended by developers

  • Smart folders and dynamic search—with auto-suggestions, filtering, and content previews— provide fast content retrieval
  • Rich collaboration features include file libraries, version tracking, discussion threads, project wikis, task lists, and activity feeds
  • iOS and Android apps offer on-device encryption, Mobile Device Management (MDM) support, offline access and review and approval of tasks
  • Desktop Sync for Windows and Mac - Synchronize any Alfresco folder or site to your Windows or Mac