Medical Pass

Medical Pass

Medical Pass (MP) – application created for patients and designed for secure storage of Personal Health Records obtained from various sources (clinics, laboratories, diagnostic centers, etc.). 5 sources for MP data: self-input, lifestyle equipment, local hospitals, patient history and international telemedicine.

Mission: Safe and convenient storage, easy management and quick access to personal medical information.

Goal: Innovative infrastructure ensuring growth of quality medical services provision to all participants of the process. Using MP enables patients to consolidate all their medical data and health information, from paper and other media, to encrypted personal storage, facilitating easy exchange between institutions and patients, while retaining the maximum control on how their data is shared.


  • Patient has access to the system through a browser and / or mobile application on Android / iOS.

  • load, group and sort documents in any formats, view, preview and edit (depending on the loaded document format);

  • run own health profile, keep records of medications;

  • share document both with other users of the system (doctors, institutions) and with external users who are not registered in the system;

  • view the calendar;

Blockchain: Certain medical documents contain important information that is used for legal purposes. These include laboratory results for certain viruses (HIV, hepatitis, COVID-19), confirmation for vaccines (Malaria, Ebola) and reports on diseases (heart diseases, diabetes, etc.).

This legally important medical information should be uploaded to the system by medical institutions as blockchain verifiable information, proving to the authorities the source of information and preventing any tampering of the content.

Blockchain verified data will be displayed in a special section of the MP app or Bracelet, with an option of quick view for checking out by Authorities.

Data analysis: All the information collected in different languages worldwide will be initially translated into iSperanto - a constructed international auxiliary language for data analysis from patients that gave their consent to provide anonymously their data.
iSperanto will allow the medical information to be used for statistical and predictive data so that through machine learning and AI can perform personal health analysis and recommendations through monitoring the actual patients data.
iSperanto will also allow for discovering certain population trends and projections with a goal of reducing the number of people with health issues.


  • Bracelet is used for sharing critical information with authorities, institutions and in case of emergency

  • Patient can create several bracelets and defines what information is in each one from several categories: patient data, allergies, medications, diseases, laboratory results

  • Bracelet can be accessed only using an access number (card number, QR code, bar code) and a PIN

  • Bracelet is available in both physical and electronic media

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