Introducing Pentaho 5.0

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 08:24 -- Sasha Sokolova

More than 250 Enhancements Including:

Blended Big Data at the Source for More Accurate Insights

  • More complete analysis: Big data becomes more valuable when blended with operational and other data sources 
  • Blended at the source for accuracy:  Data governance, reliablity and security are maintained for accurate and reliable blended analytics  
  • Just-in-time blending for up to date analysis:  Confidently blend all the data you need in near real-time and immediately analyze the results  

Simplified Analytics and User Experience

  • New Pentaho streamlined user interface: Users easily browse files, create new content, access documents, mark favorites and more
  • Re-designed experience for administrators: Administrators become more efficient and implement faster with a seamlessly integrated administrator perspective

Enterprise-Ready Big Data Integration

  • Broadest and deepest big data integration: Up to date integrations and certifications for popular big data stores
  • New features to manage huge data volumes efficiently: New capabilities like job restart, roll back and load balancing

Simplified Embedded Analytics

  • Simplified integration and extensbility for embedding: New REST services for third-party application developers and an extensive library of samples to eliminate start-up time

Industry Leading Operational Reporting for MongoDB

  • Increase data value: Access, blend, visualize and report on MongoDB in combination with any data source
  • Reduce complexity: Simplified reporting for MongoDB with automatic document sampling, drag-and-drop interface and metadata discovery

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