Modern Data Protection Strategies eSeminar series

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 07:20 -- Sasha Sokolova
Reduce data loss, costs, and headaches for good

This data protection eSeminar series, brought to you by Red Hat, is for enterprises that want to optimize their data management and data protection strategies across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. The eSeminars will showcase how to use software-defined storage to significantly lower the costs of managing unstructured data growth.
Topics include:

Data protection strategy.
Data security, authentication, and encryption.
Backup and archiving.
Disaster recovery solutions.
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eSeminar – November 20, 2013
Deploying Cost-Effective, Scale-out Backup Solutions (joint with CommVault)
In this webinar, attendees will learn how to

Improve backup performance with source-side deduplication by 50% and network traffic by 90%
Reduce back-up window times up to 50% over legacy storage solutions
Consolidate backup, archive, and reporting scans into a single process using Simpana OnePass with Red Hat Storage Server

eSeminar – December 5, 2013
Open, Software-defined Storage: The Key to Data Availability and Disaster Recovery for Today's Modern Datacenter
In this webinar you'll learn how Red Hat Storage complements Red Hat Enterprise Linux by building a highly available IT infrastructure–without vendor lock-in–which enables seamless data and application failover across on-premise and cloud environments.