Founded in 2005 with its headquarters in Dublin and operated by VDEL GmbH, OSL Distribution is a market leading open source distribution company. It rises above other ordinary distributors due to the value added services it offers to both customers and partners. OSL combines existing and new technologies and introduce them to a wide range of different businesses, trying to help them transform what they do today and make things even better. OSL  Distribution Limited has a wide experience of working with leading open source vendors and their products, such as Red Hat, Alfresco, Ubuntu and Pentaho. 
Coming to grips with such products on a large scale, requires an approach that consists of vision together with a strong, cohesive network of operating partners.
Besides of that OSL distribution network offers tailor made training, technical support and consultancy services using domestic resources in each region, in order to guarantee unprecedentedly high level of localization of products, marketing and promotion in the market.