Our Partners

We believe in partnerships built on the principles of mutual benefit, support, collaboration and growth. Those virtues are fundamental to our strategy.

It would be almost impossible to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions to our customers without close cooperation with the partners. By joining knowledge, experience, technology and human resources we are able to provide maximum customer satisfaction and contribute to our and our partners' success.

Thanks to the extensive network of local partners VDEL is able to provide native language translation, localization and education, giving an individual approach and personal attention to every client, regardless of their geographical location.

Currently, there are more than 100 partners in VDEL’s partner network. We are fortunate to work with fantastic Partners from across the globe.VDEL supplies products and services and offers you the partnership with the following advantages:

• discounts and special conditions on purchase;

• redirection of inquiries of potential customers;

• help with preparation of offers during participation in tender process and further sales;

• placement of information about company on VDEL site, access to the partner portal, newsletters.

To get more info about partnership or to become our partner please contact us.