Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

RHEL represents a newest generation of universal operating systems ready to support a wide variety of applications. It works well as a virtualization host, as well as a virtualization guest, running on top of any well-known virtualization platform. Because of the standardization and automation potential, RHEL is also an ideal choice for any form of cloud deployment.

Red Hat Network Satellite (RHN Satellite)

The RHN Satellite product represents Red Hat's solution for lifecycle management which helps organizations to leverage the most of advantages offered by RHEL OS. RHN Satellite helps to automate many operations that are otherwise performed by system administrators manually.

Bare metal provisioning functionalities make it possible to deploy or re-deploy new systems by just pressing a power button. The rest of work is done by RHN Satellite. The result is a production-ready operating system deployed in a standard manner.

With software management capabilities you will get a full control over software and updates applied to systems in different environments (development, test, production) making sure that all software changes are properly tested before reaching the critical systems.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV)

RHEV is a complete solution for virtualization. It brings all the functionalities that enterprises need for daily operations: virtual guest live migration to achieve high availability, a Power Saver to save costs for energy consumption, live snapshots for testing or taking backups, templates for fast deployments etc.
But there are many more reasons for RHEV:

  • There is only one simple subscription which includes whole set of enterprise feature

  • No hidden costs – Red Hat does NOT charge for virtual RAM used by virtual guests

  • RHEV is a single solution for server and desktop virtualization

  • RHEV is a purely Open Source product

  • RHEV offers unprecedented performance and security

Red Hat Storage Server

Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise is a POSIX-compatible, scale-out NAS and object storage software solution designed for unlimited scalability. It's modular design makes it possible to build up a virtualized storage solution for various scenarios. Data can be distributed across member servers within same datacentre or spread across geographical locations. Red Hat Storage Server does not use any form of a metadata server thus eliminating performance bottlenecks and ensuring linear scalability.


Red Hat OpenStack

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform delivers an integrated foundation to create, deploy, and scale a secure and reliable public or private OpenStack cloud. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform combines the world’s leading enterprise Linux and the fastest-growing cloud infrastructure platform to give you the agility to scale and quickly meet customer demands without compromising on availability, security, or performance.

About Red Hat, Inc.

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source software solutions, taking a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services. As the connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT.

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