Citeck EcoS

 - is a comprehensive solution with the functionality of ECM and Adaptive Case Management. Citeck EcoS is based on the open-source Alfresco platform with unique features and solutions built on top of it.

Our solutions work best in a complex, document-oriented enviroment, minimizing the time and effort. With individual approach we create solutions that are a perfect fit for companies of any area: finance organizations, government structures, cargo services, and many more. 
Сiteck EcoS features:
User-friendly interface;
One window to work with all document and case data, attached documents and tasks;
Document life cycle is simple to reconfigure according to your company internal workflows;
Site journals - every system entity is stored in a clear and simple manner;
Templates and approval routes are created and saved for later use;
Drag'n'Drop interface for uploading documents;
Integration with your company’s informational software;
Organizational structure with branches, subdivisions and departments
Easy process reconfiguration by a system administrator.
Citeck also offers ready-to-use solutions, based on EcoS functionality:
Loan origination - automatic loan application processing system.
Meetings - planning and conducting meetings with agenda and minutes.
Contract Management - unified corporate solutions for contract workflow management.
Tender Management - the purchase management system for medium and large companies.

About Citeck

Citeck stands for «Customized Information Technologies» where the key word «customer» reflects our client-oriented approach to business operations.
Besides using best open source software such as Alfresco ECM, Liferay portal, Mule ESB, Pentaho BI etc., our company offers solutions for individually adjusted business processes, tailored for every specific need.
For more information about Citeck EcoS  please contact us directly.