GitHub Enterprise is on-premises version of GitHub, which you deploy and manage in your own secure environment. A seat is required for each person in your organization who will have a GitHub Enterprise user account.

GitHub Enterprise features:

Streamlined workflow
Branches, pull requests, and commits enable the efficient, agile development flow that has come to define how software is built today.
Code discovery and reuse
GitHub Enterprise creates a single community across your organization. Your team can leverage open source technologies along with what you have already built to save time and avoid duplicating work.
Compliance and auditing
You organization has developed crucial policies around permissions and security auditing. Using the Commit Status API, you can specify the merge conditions necessary for your organization's compliance requirements.
Hundreds of integrations
GitHub Enterprise works with hundreds of third party apps and services. Make the most of your existing IT investments without compromising the security of your code. 
Flexible deployment
Install GitHub Enterprise on your own servers or on a private cloud infrastructure. GitHub Enterprise is available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
Centralized permissions
Whether you have 10 or thousands of users, you can manage permissions from one centralized location. Set repository access as needed or keep your existing access controls with LDAP group authentication and CAS.
Powerful dashboards
Gain visibility into work across your projects and teams. You can see a snapshot of everything that has happened in a project repository, or visit the Activity Dashboard to see work across every project on GitHub Enterprise.
Technical support
Our highly technical, global support team is available 24 hours a days, five days a week. With GitHub Enterprise, you can also get 24/7 help with urgent issues.
Continuous integration
Automate your build process by integrating GitHub Enterprise according to the demands of your production environment, using services like Jenkins, TravisCI, TeamCity, or writing your own.
Tools like chat, activity streams, and email keep your development team's conversations fluid and transparent. Integrate GitHub notifications as part platforms like IRC, Yammer, and HipChat.
Project management
Make project management a part of your development process with tools like JIRA, Rally, Bugzilla, FogBugz, Pivotal Tracker, and Trello.

About GitHub

GitHub is how people build software. With a community of more than 11 million people, developers can discover, use, and contribute to over 30 million projects using a powerful collaborative development workflow.

Whether using or your own instance of GitHub Enterprise, you can integrate GitHub with third party tools, from project management to continuous deployment, to build software in the way that works best for you.