Enterprise Service Packs: User and Policy Management

During the last decade, IT projects in large enterprises have become extremely complex, their budgets have grown  to astronomic heights, results have often got unpredictable, as well as final costs. Customers complain about lack of communication and vague resource planning. The reason for that is the rapidly changing world of IT related technologies. Service delivery processes are not standardized, solution providers are heavily underutilized, there is no time for proper planning. Therefore, based on many years of service delivery experience, we are successful on the market with services offered under different conditions. Conditions that are fair to our customers and ensure that the total costs will not overwhelm the project budgets.
Fair-approach Policy:
1.    Pay for the result – man-days are our responsibility

Our customers are never charged for extra time we need to deliver the service. It's our responsibility to deliver it on-time!

2.    Know what you get

The Service Packs are always properly defined and documented. Our engineers arrive on site well prepared, armed with high-level knowledge. They are repeatedly trained and accordingly certified. Their step-by-step check-lists and manuals will ensure service delivery in top quality and according to standards.

3.    Stay covered – we will always stand behind our work

We build our services on relationships. Our Service Packs come with options of supplementary personalized support services that include fast response times, various communication methods and case tracking capabilities.
User and Policy Management
Every IT operations manager who needs to deal with a broad infrastructure of Linux/Unix systems, understands how much effort it costs to keep the security aspects of various types of deployments aligned and under control. Our solution makes it possible to centralize user management and implement fine-grained policies for systems and services access. It also makes it possible to implement the enterprise Single Sign-on (eSSO), enabling users to access different enterprise resources after their initial log-in without having to type their user-names and passwords repeatedly.

Technologies used
The technology that we use for delivering User and Policy Management service pack is Red Hat Enterprise IPA which integrates the capabilities of Kerberos, LDAP, DNS and x.509 certificates into a simple identity management solution. Moreover, IPA is designed to be deployed in mixed environments by enabling the possibility to setup a trust relationship with AD domains.
IPA technology offers more than just an inventory of user accounts and policies. Nowadays, it is one of the small number of solutions which make it possible to also centralize other security aspects like delegation of administration tasks with sudo or mapping of selinux users.
Another important reason why we have decided to deliver User and Policy Management service pack with IPA is the fact that this technology is included in standard RHEL subscription, which makes the solution extremely affordable.

The Service Pack
The complexity and structure of identity management differs from environment to environment according to the organization size, core business industry, management style and other important factors. Identity and policy management should ideally follow real existing organizational structure to achieve the required level of security without making policies too complex and unmanageable. Therefore, the implementation of Red Hat IPA and related technologies must be planned properly and with care, in order to maximize their benefit for organizations. Our consultants will perform broad analysis of the existing environment and suggest the best fitting structure for objects within IPA. After the technology itself is deployed, proper process guidelines are prepared and presented, and finally the local administration team is trained for further solution management and development, to ensure long-term project sustainability.