Enterprise Service Packs: Virtualization

During the last decade, IT projects in large enterprises have become extremely complex, their budgets have grown  to astronomic heights, results have often got unpredictable, as well as final costs. Customers complain about lack of communication and vague resource planning. The reason for that is the rapidly changing world of IT related technologies. Service delivery processes are not standardized, solution providers are heavily underutilized, there is no time for proper planning. Therefore, based on many years of service delivery experience, we are successful on the market with services offered under different conditions. Conditions that are fair to our customers and ensure that the total costs will not overwhelm the project budgets.

Fair-approach Policy:

1.    Pay for the result – man-days are our responsibility
Our customers are never charged for extra time we need to deliver the service. It's our responsibility to deliver it on-time!
2.    Know what you get
The Service Packs are always properly defined and documented. Our engineers arrive on site well prepared, armed with high-level knowledge. They are repeatedly trained and accordingly certified. Their step-by-step check-lists and manuals will ensure service delivery in top quality and according to standards.
3.    Stay covered – we will always stand behind our work

We build our services on relationships. Our Service Packs come with options of supplementary personalized support services that include fast response times, various communication methods and case tracking capabilities.

Why virtualization with RHEV?
RHEV is a modern virtualization product equipped with a whole feature set necessary for building up reliable virtualized environment which comes with everything our customers need from a reliable virtualization platform. Yet, the solution does not bring overwhelming complexity. RHEV is built on solid foundations of KVM virtualization technology and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. This makes it possible to save significant costs on several levels:

  1.  TCO – RHEV as a virtualization platform will burden your budget far less than other competitive products. For example, RHEV easily brings the costs down by 50% or more compared to VMware!
  2.  Knowledge leverage – As RHEV is built around RHEL operating system, it will be easier for your IT team to take advantage of their existing knowledge and experience. Solving eventual issues or troubleshooting problems is much easier in an environment which the administrator is already familiar with. Risks and costs of unexpected situations are then significantly decreased.
  3. Transparency – RHEV and RHEL are both products developed based on the Open Source philosophy.

Virtualization technology – strategic decision

The techniques of virtualization have changed forever the way we think about IT infrastructure design and development. Hardware utilization has doubled while the quality of service delivery remained on the same level. At first sight, virtualization on the operating system level brings savings and makes it possible to “do more with less”. On the other hand, many IT managers now understand how important the virtualization platform choice is from the strategic perspective. Savings achieved with more efficient hardware utilization are often heavily decreased by the price paid for the virtualization technology itself, which is a critical factor, especially under the economic conditions nowadays. Virtualization technology needs to be chosen carefully, not to overwhelm the budgets of growing IT infrastructures.

What does RHEV bring?
RHEV is a complete solution for virtualization. It brings all the functionalities that enterprises need for daily operations: virtual guest live migration to achieve high availability, a Power Saver to save costs for energy consumption, live snapshots for testing or taking backups, templates for fast deployments etc. But there are many more reasons for RHEV!

  • There is only one simple subscription which includes whole set of enterprise features
  • No hidden costs – Red Hat does NOT charge for virtual RAM used by virtual guests
  • RHEV is a single solution for server and desktop virtualization
  • RHEV is a purely Open Source product
  • RHEV offers unprecedented performance (SPECvirt.org benchmarks) and security (sVirt)

Why the Vdel's Virtualization service pack?
During the last few years, our architects and engineers have participated in many different RHEV deployment projects. We already have a well established expertise to design a solution for many different scenarios. As a vendor independent service provider, we know the technology limits of each product we work with. With our Virtualization service pack, not only do you get a technical solution but we will also help with the IT infrastructure development planning and decisions.